Professional Projects

Jurassic World Evolution 2

Jurassic World Evolution 2 is a park simulation game themed around Jurassic Park made by Frontier

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey (released in 2020) is the second expansion to Frontier's Elite Dangerous

Planet Zoo - DLC

Planet Zoo is a zoo simulation game developed by Frontier developments, released in 2019

Grid 2019

Grid 2019 is an arcade racing game in the Grid video game series developed by Codemasters

Side Projects

Network Summary Toolbar

This is a little network activity graph that sits next to the icons in the task tray

Student Projects

Code: 10-52

Code: 10-52 is a real time top down squadron based tactical shooter, where you play as a police chief commanding your police officers in missions. This project was part of my University Degree where the game was made as part of an 8 person team of 8 designers and 2 programmers. Click Read More to see my contribution!

Data Processor

An application developed as my final year project who's goal is to process data according to a pipeline of nodes in the most efficient way possible.

2048 Clone

A 2048 clone I developed in 4 days to avoid the ads from the version I downloaded from the app store and allow me to undo more than once.

Escape the Sun

Space themed infinite runner based around procedurally generated planets and a sun which is continually moving to the right, consuming planets.

EvE Build

Industrial application built to work out profit/loss margins for player buildable items in the MMO Eve Online