Hey... I'm Martin (but you probably knew that; my name is in the url...) a Tools Programmer at Codemasters. This site contains some of the projects that I've done in the past and I even update it from time to time, so who knows maybe next time you look there will be a new thing to look at.

Code: 10-52

Code: 10-52 is a real time top down squadron based tactical shooter, where you play as a police chief commanding your police officers in missions. This project was part of my University Degree where the game was made as part of an 8 person team of 8 designers and 2 programmers. Click Read More to see my contribution!

Data Processor

An application developed as my final year project who's goal is to process data according to a pipeline of nodes in the most efficient way possible.

2048 Clone

A 2048 clone I developed in 4 days to avoid the ads from the version I downloaded from the app store and allow me to undo more than once.

Escape the Sun

Space themed infinite runner based around procedurally generated planets and a sun which is continually moving to the right, consuming planets.

EvE Build

Industrial application built to work out profit/loss margins for player buildable items in the MMO Eve Online